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Performance training rolls 

The only cycling device offering full body training. Build your legs, improve your balance and strengthen your core. The only device which allows you to roll and scroll on your bike the way you cycle on the road.
  • Roller diameter: 100-110 mm
  • Suitable bike: Any bike with wheels diameter 26”-29” inch
  • Max. footprint: 1350x470x120 mm
  • Dimensions when folded: 800x470x120 mm
  • Weight: 7,5 Kg
Price: € 199.00 Vat inc.
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Metal frame - pvc rolls


The INFINITO roller doesnt' need any intervetion for assembly. Each assembly opeation is done in our facilities.


The roller allows you to pedal freely, refining technique and balance. Conic rollers facilitate pedaling. Prior to use INFINITO ensure that the interax of the rollers are regulated with the measure of your bycicle. The regulation as to be performed aas follow:

1. measure the lenght from the center of the bycicle wheels. This distance wis called "X";

2. the distance from the intermediate point between the two rear rollers to the center of the front roller which we call "Y" must correspond as much as possible to the "X" measurement. The axis of the front roller must be positioned in the pointer holes in the frame which then allows you to obtain "Y";

3. Adjust the pointers on the telescopic arm, pulling out the telescopic arm, making sure that it clicks into hole;

4. This roller is retractable up to 80cm.


Be careful not to always touch the rollers and spinning wheels; Keep both hands on the handlebars; Make sure all bolts and nuts are securely fastened before use; Never brake suddenly while using the trainer; prevent people, children or animations from approaching avoiding that people, children, animals can approach while using the roller and bicycle from causing damage in case of contact.

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