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Perfomance training boards

An innovative board to ride your rollers in safety. Made of strong iron frames with soft cushions, the board, available in 3 colours, stabilizes the cyclist when necessary. The bottom of the board is lined with an exercise mat ideal for complementary body strenghtening training.

  • Trainers' compatibiility: Compatible with all rollers on the market
  • Suitable bikes: Any bike with wheels diameter 26”-29” inch
  • Max. footprint: 1900x900 mm
  • Height: 800 mm
  • Dimensions when folded: 300x900 mm
Price: € 589.00 Vat inc.
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Metal frames; eco leather and foam cuscion; wooden platform with soft foam carpet.


1. Firmly screw the two boards to the two floor crosspieces using special screws.

2. install the wooden plate by inserting the guide holes on the lugs on the uprights.


Always clean after use, Use only a wet year. Do not use solvents or aggressive detergents .; Periodically check that the locking screws are tightened


Make sure that the boards are firmly screwed and that the platform is installed before any use; In case of use in conjunction with roller trainings, prevent people, children or animals from approaching while using the roller and the bicycle from causing damage in case of contact.

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